Home Insurance

Your home is not just a place it is a small world of your own. It has a monetary value assigned to it but more than that it has an emotional value attached to which make is one of the biggest and the most valuable investment you make. You have work hard to own your home. Allow us to make sure that it is protected with the best insurance coverage.

What it covers?

If you think that your home insurance just helps you repair your house in case of any damage, think again! A standard home insurance policy covers the home and your belongings as well. Along with this, it also covers your liability for any injuries or property damage you, your family members or pets may cause others. It also provides additional living expenses in case you can’t live in the home while it’s being repaired after an insured disaster. Depending on the company you choose, your homeowner policy may offer some of these extras too:

  • Additional living expenses when a covered loss makes your home uninhabitable
  • Debris removal after a covered loss
  • Repairs to protect your property from further damage after a covered loss
  • Replacement trees, shrubs, plants or lawn destroyed from a covered loss
  • Fire department service charges to save or protect your property after a covered loss
  • Coverage for forgery and counterfeit money and for a covered unauthorized use of credit cards and fund transfer cards
  • Coverage for a second home or rental unit
  • Coverage for treatment of Fungi or Bacteria.

Apart from these, home owners can also purchase additional coverage depending on their individual needs.


Did you know that having an central alarm system can earn you discount on your policy? Yes!!!! Following are some of the discounts available to home owners depending on the company they purchase the coverage from:

Gated community discount

Home renovation discount

Home purchase discount

Protective device discount

Claims free discount (when buying a house, make sure you get a\the home inspected and also request your seller/ homeowner for a copy of C.L.U.E. report)

Buying a homeowner’s insurance policy to suit your needs requires extensive research and attention to minute details. Allow us to use our insurance expertise to shop for the best coverage for your valuable possession.